The animal you adopt will have been vaccinated, heartworm or FeLV and FIV checked, wormed and spayed or neutered.

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Because we care about each and every animal we take into our program and want you to experience a rewarding, lifetime relationship with your new companion, Second Chance rescued dogs and cats live in experienced volunteer foster homes and become part of their families, enjoying daily care, love, and enrichment.

Our dedicated volunteers, many of whom have over ten year’s experience with Second Chance, provide top quality care for the dogs and cats and learn about their unique personalities in order to help the Second Chance counselors make the right match for you and the animal you adopt. The fosters work with each animal to teach them good manners (if they don’t already have them) and address any other behavioral or medical issues the cats or dogs may have. 

Once they are ready for adoption, our experienced adoption counselors provide you with a careful, honest assessment of each animal’s health, temperament, and behavior in order to make the right match for your family and lifestyle. 

The animal you adopt from us will have been vaccinated, heartworm or FeLV & FIV checked, dewormed and spayed or neutered. Your new companion will also receive a permanent ID tag and a free initial veterinarian examination. And, our commitment won’t end at the adoption.

If you have any questions or concerns years down the road, we will give you and your adopted companion animal our ongoing support. 

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Please, call our main line: 651-771-5662

Where the Animals Come From

  • most of the dogs and cats come from municipal impound facilities (animal control) as strays because they were not reclaimed by their owners
  • large scale dog and cat breeding facilities that are downsizing or the animals have been seized for neglect
  • owners who have died and the animals have no place to go
  • animals abandoned in homes or on the street
  • people who, due to some type of hardship, are unable to keep their animal

Many animals come to us confused, scared, underweight, in need of veterinary care and TLC. Some have never been off a chain or out of a cage and need to learn how to walk, play, trust and be a normal, well-socialized animal. Our dedicated fosters are up for the challenge and turn these challenges into trusting, loving companions ready for their forever homes. 

Read about our Foster Program to see how the rescued animals are cared for prior to adoption.

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We also hold monthly adoption events at local pet supply stores.