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Give to the Max 2021

Our heartfelt Thank You to everyone who donated and supported Second Chance Animal Rescue on Give to the Max Day. Over $15,500 was donated via the Give to the Max site and PayPal, plus, we will be processing mail-in donations that came in. And, thank you from all of the animals who your donations will save!

Or Schedule Your Early Donation November 1-17

Second Chance Animal Rescue needs your help.

This past year has been another hard year for both humans and animals because of covid-19.  In the rescue community, we continue to have many challenges because it’s still more difficult to get surgeries and regular veterinary appointments.  We continue to follow our safe showing and adopting practices by social distancing and people wearing face masks. 

We took in more injured animals this year which required additional funds.  Give to the Max is a wonderful opportunity to help Second Chance raise much needed funds to continue rescuing the neediest animals in Minnesota – dogs and cats waiting at animal control impound facilities (for us to take them in before they are put down); dogs and cats living in filthy conditions; abandoned, neglected and injured dogs and cats; and a wide variety of other rescue situations. We work hard to give as many animals as possible a Second Chance at life and companionship. But, we can’t do it without funding and your help.

Two options to Give – You can either schedule a donation prior to the 18th or give on November 18.

Schedule Your Donation Before November 18 so it Gives on November 18!

You can easily schedule your donation between November 1 and November 17 if you might be busy on the big day of giving (November 18).  Your account will not be charged until November 18 and your donation helps towards the incentives offered on that day.  And, each day of the scheduled donations, there will be one daily random drawing adding $500 to one person’s donation.  The link below works for early giving too!

Give on Thursday, November 18

Please Give to Second Chance Animal Rescue at this secure link: https://givemn.org/organization/Second-Chance-Animal-Rescue-1

GiveMN will be offering several incentives to inspire nonprofit and donor participation in Give to the Max Day. There will be Golden Tickets selected every 15 minutes for $500 and one every hour for $1,000 – that means a person who donates will be randomly selected to have either$500 or $1,000 added to their donation! And, at the end of the 24-hour event, there will be a Super-Sized Golden Ticket, adding $10,000 to one person’s donation between November 1-18! 

The dogs and cats thank you for your generosity!