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Because we care about each and every animal we take into our program and want you to experience a rewarding, lifetime relationship with your new companion, Second Chance rescued dogs and cats live in experienced volunteer foster homes and become part of their families, enjoying daily care, love, and enrichment. Our dedicated volunteers, many of whom have over ten year’s experience with Second Chance, provide top quality care for the dogs and cats and learn about their unique personalities in order to help the Second Chance counselors make the right match for you and the animal you adopt. The fosters work with each animal to teach them good manners (if they don’t already have them) and address any other behavioral or medical issues the cats or dogs may have.

Once they are ready for adoption, our experienced adoption counselors provide you with a careful, honest assessment of each animal's health, temperament, and behavior in order to make the right match for your family and lifestyle.

The animal you adopt from us will have been vaccinated, heartworm or FeLV & FIV checked, dewormed and spayed or neutered. Your new companion will also receive a permanent ID tag and a free initial veterinarian examination. And, our commitment won’t end at the adoption.
If you have any questions or concerns years down the road, we will give you and your adopted companion animal our ongoing support. 

Where the Animals Come From
Most of the dogs and cats in our program come from municipal impound facilities (animal control) as strays because they were not reclaimed by their owners within the state mandated five-day holding period.

We also receive animals from various other situations:
  • large scale dog and cat breeding facilities that are downsizing or the animals have been seized for neglect
  • owners who have died and the animals have no place to go
  • animals abandoned in homes or on the street
  • people who, due to some type of hardship, are unable to keep their animal
Many animals come to us confused, scared, underweight, in need of veterinary care and TLC. Some have never been off a chain or out of a cage and need to learn how to walk, play, trust and be a normal, well-socialized animal. Our dedicated fosters are up for the challenge and turn these challenges into trusting, loving companions ready for their forever homes.

Read about our Foster Program to see how the rescued animals are cared for prior to adoption.

See cats and dogs currently available for adoption

We also hold monthly adoption events at local pet supply stores.

It has been 4 years since we adopted Edison and Samuel through Second Chance. They are happy healthy loving boys. And they unexpectedly got a younger sibling last year (I found him on the streets in downtown Minneapolis near my work). The three amigos have my heart. Thank you again and again for helping me start my furry feline family.

Aud Marie

My sweet boy Franklin formerly known as London. Such a sweet, playful handsome young man. He fits in so well.

Thank you for my beautiful boy.

Pamela Johnson


Thank you so much for our Lily! She is perfect in our eyes and our entire extended family adore her. She turned one year old this past April and we cannot imagine our life without her. We decided to bring home a sister for her - Emma is a poodle mix and they love each other.

Jill Runkel and Wally Jensen


We adopted Gina (on the right) this past November and I don't think anyone in our family can remember what life was like before her! She is our sweet, loyal and talented girl. Our other dog Wrigley soon became her best friend and they are inseparable. Gina loves snuggles, kisses, rewards, and especially loves hanging outside with us. I couldn't imagine life without her!

Alexandra Butcher and Family

We adopted this sweetheart from Second Chance Animal Rescue about 8 years ago. At that time his name was Yoda; we changed it to Tobie. He has been a wonderful dog and we look forward to many more years with him.

Linda Gerken

Today, Feb 20, is the one year anniversary of bringing our Elvis to his forever home. He has brought such joy and comfort to our lives. We spent the day today cuddling as usual. Thank you, Elvis, you are loved more and more each day. And thank you, Second Chance Animal Rescue, for the amazing service you provide.

Cindy Decker
Just wanted to send an update about Bruce Wayne (previously Blake) who we adopted from you in 2012. We now have a baby boy, and Bruce is so sweet and patient with him. He acts more like a big lovable golden retriever than a cat. Thank you again for rescuing him. He is loved so much!!

Kelsey Speer


We adopted Brian (aka Jasper) on 11/27/17. It didn't take long for him to feel at home, and he is inching his way into good graces with our other dog Freddie. Plus, they are both great at keeping the squirrels on their feet in our backyard!

Kristy Loth-Olson

Edison & Samuel have been home for 3 years now. I am so glad I found your rescue and these two orange boys. They are amazing creatures who love watching the wildlife out our back window, napping in one of their many cat towers/beds, playing with each other and their toy box full of goodies, snuggling up with their humans, and hunting for treats hidden in their mazes throughout the house.

Aud Marie

My husband and I adopted Bear (still his name) in October 2015. When his foster dad Jim brought him to our house we fell immediately in love. Bear is a blessing to our lives and we can't (or don't want to) remember what our home was like without him in it. Thank you Second Chance for your awesome foster system and, of course, a shout out to Jim. The best foster around! ,Bear is the warm, laid back, sensitive, playful dog he is because of the care you gave him in love, dog socialization, and training. Bear's favorite thing to do now is play fetch. He is in LOVE with his frisbee, however many times it's been replaced. Thank you again for the work you guys do. We know how lucky we are.

Casey and Christin

I just wanted to thank Second Chance for bringing us our Romeo! We adopted him last week and can barely remember life before him!

Talia Jackson and Family

Max has been my precious friend since the end of January; he's wonderful company and a terrific "shop dog." A HUGE thank you to Second Chance Animal Rescue for matching me up with this little fellow!

Carol Stabenow

We were looking for a female Shepherd mix over a year old and you showed us a 7 week old male Shepherd mix and we fell in love. He's so smart and well behaved!! He was the perfect addition to our family... Dakota is his name, and he will be 4 years old this summer

Sue Williams

We adopted Finn (the orange tabby) from you last November and can't imagine life without him!

Sandy Brundage

This is Brandy. We adopted her about six weeks ago. A little shy at first but just a lovable nut. So happy she found us.

Barry Schwartz

Elvis is in the house, the cat that is!! We just adopted a rescue cat from the Second Chance Animal Rescue. His name is Elvis and he is a Flame Point Siamese about one year old. He is so sweet and cuddly and likes investigating new places. Just after 2 days, Elvis has become acclimated to his new home and family and is the King of the house. He is such a snuggle puss. Thanks so much to Second Chance for the amazing work they do to save animals!

Cindy Decker

We fostered Jasper and ended up adopting him about 5 years ago. Our two year old son and Jasper are best friends. So much love. Thanks Second Chance!


Michelle and Nic Romero


Charlie adopted Labor day 2012. Bronson (doodle) adopted January 2013. They are best buddies.

Pam Scheler


Tia’s first Christmas in her new home (waiting for her presents).  What a purrfect home for Tia where she blossomed into a confident cat.  

Thanks Lynn and family.

Our sweet Marnie, whom we adopted through Second Chance Rescue this past June.  She loves the snow and her family and we sure love her!!!


The Sibert Family

Dakota (formerly Maisy) came into our home as a foster in May 2015, however, our family very quickly fell in love with her and adopted her about three days later. She has been a wonderful addition to our home! Dakota and I recently became a registered animal therapy team through Pet Partners. We are so happy to be a Second Chance foster family, and now Dakota helps people learn more about rescue animals in her work as a therapy dog! Thank you so much!

Rebecca and family

Penny came to her forever home about 2 months ago and it has been the best 2 months our family has ever experienced. She loves to play outside, play tug-of-war and catch with the kid, and my flower gardens will never be the same. The amount of love this little girl shares with us is indescribable. We are so thankful to Second Chance Animal Rescue for saving this little girl so she could join our family and make us complete!

The Schmidt Family

We adopted Bessie from Second Chance in 2008. Here she is enjoying a nice day! We love her so much!

Pam Anderson Ringsby

Thank you to the moon and back Second Chance Animal Rescue for Zoey!!

Lynn Watson

This is Tobie. We adopted him from Second Chance about 5 years ago. At that time, his name was Yoda. He's one of the best dogs we've ever had; we couldn't love him more. Thank you Second Chance.

Linda Gerken

Hi from Michigan. My name is Corndog. My mom and dad adopted me from Second Chance in 2008 when they lived in Minnesota. In 2010, we moved back to Michigan where they were from. I am about 9 years old now (we think) and I have a pretty good life. I get good kibble, yummy biscuits and my choice of human beds, dog beds, chairs and couches to snuggle on. Last summer they got me a brother. His name is Shebang and he is a black lab/bloodhound mix. He takes all my toys but I am dealing with it. At least he isn't mean. Right now I am sacked out on the couch while my mom writes this.'s a pretty good

Shonda Grimes

I have been meaning to do this for quite some time now! This is Bear (formerly known as "Sarge" during his time with Second Chance) and he has been with us for over 2 years now! Time has flown by and we couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. We ask ourselves often, "How did we get so lucky?" Bear loves his Corgi sisters and also loves the cats as well! He has such a great personality that we are now in the works of getting him certified as a therapy dog. I just wanted to thank Second Chance Animal Rescue for bringing Bear into our lives!

Miranda Grode

We are blessed every day to have adopted our girl from Second Chance Animal Rescue (formerly Tia, now named Kahleesi).

Andrea Marie

Yesterday we were blessed to meet Brodie and his amazing foster Mom Rita. Today Brodie is quickly adjusting to Cartony family life. He fits right in to our pack. Thank you Second Chance Animal Rescue and Rita!

The Cartony Family

'Chelsea' Storkamp couldn't be happier on Christmas morning in her forever home. MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for what you do!

Steve Storkamp

We want to thank you for all you do to connect these special rescue animals with loving homes. This is a picture of our beautiful Rosie. We adopted her in April 2015 and love her dearly. She is so special to our granddaughter and is truly a family dog.

Dan and Phyllis Becker

Eddy is 14 years young today and a Second Chance '06 alum. Thanks Second Chance for bringing him into our lives!

Glynis Hinschberger

Yesterday Heaven gained another angel. Our handsome amazing boy, Shadow, received his wings and is now enjoying his days in Heaven.  Although it was very heartbreaking to let our baby go, he was suffering with uncontrollable diabetes and pancreatic cancer. He was an irreplaceable member of our family and will be missed.  Thank you to Second Chance Animal Rescue for saving Shadow (Tyler) and allowing us to share our lives with him for 12 years.

Jennifer Cartony

Today, and every day, we are thankful for our rescue dog, Luke. Thanks Second Chance! We are so happy that he is part of our family. And he looks pretty excited for Christmas!

The Milbrandt Family

Hello! I adopted a wonderful black kitty from you nearly two years ago originally named Beemer (now Winston) and I wanted to show this wonderful rescue how he's doing! He and his younger kitty sister Clementine bring so much joy to our house and we're so glad to have them both. Thanks for all that you do!

Taylor Hays

We adopted 2 kittens from Second Chance in the fall of 2012. They are happy, healthy and spoiled - Jackson and Ophilia.

Sara Oliver and Family

We adopted Bryce in July of 2015 and he is doing fabulous! He instantly became best friends with our one year old Black Lab, Luke. They are constantly wrestling and playing ball together. Bryce loves going to the park to run and road-tripping to the cabin to play at the lake. He is a huge cuddle bug and takes full advantage of being allowed in bed. You better get your spot first because once Bryce has gotten settled, there is no moving him! Bryce has blended into our home perfectly and we love him even more each day!
Melissa and Drew

A year ago we brought these two home (Edison and Samuel), thanks to Second Chance. They are happy, healthy boys and we're so lucky to have them in our lives.

Aud Marie

I wanted to share a picture of Zack (formerly Bandit) adopted 3/15/14. Adopting him was the best decision I ever made. He is simply amazing and has made friends and fans (two and four-legged) wherever we go. This picture is at the Woodbury Dale Road dog park.

Liz Stimmler

Our sweet black dog Shadow adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue in 2004. Can't imagine (and don't ever want to) our life without him!

Jennifer Price Cartony

McDoods on #BlackDogDay. We adopted her as a puppy through Second Chance Animal Rescue and love her like crazy. She is smart, happy and sassy!

Sarah McNeal

Stella is a very happy girl with her new rescue sister, Betty! Thanks so much Second Chance for completing our family!

LJ Elwood

We adopted Olive (formerly Olivia) in July. Best thing we did! She fits in perfectly and loves her brother pug!

Megan Hebert

Today it has been 1 year since we added Dakota to our family! She was such a little thing (she was about 10 weeks old)! The other picture is the night we adopted her – last puppy left. We have loved seeing her grow and she is such a smarty! Dakota is the most behaved dog ever! We are so happy with adopting from your rescue! Thank you!

Heather Lamp

Just thought I'd share some good news - Second Chance alum, Abby, earned her Canine Good Citizen title! She is amazing and we love her so very much. Thanks for giving dogs like Abby the chance to show the world how awesome they really are!

Amy Conway

"Thank you to everyone at Second Chance Animal Rescue! Ebony is such a blessing! Mucho thanks to Ebony's Foster Family for your loving kindness."

Lynn Watson

Hi Second Chance, it's me Herbie (formally Murray). I really like my new home. I have toys and bones and comfy dog beds but mom and dad also let me sleep with them. I really like sleeping in the big bed! I also have a big backyard that I can run around in and chase my tennis ball. Thanks for rescuing me and finding a forever home for me!

"Herbie" by Kristie Gorman

One year ago today our family met and adopted the best little shih tzu there ever was. Happy adopt-a-versary, Waldo! We may have saved you, but you definitely saved us! Thank you Second Chance Animal Rescue for helping Waldo and us find our fuuurever family, together!!

Shelby McCabe

We are so thankful to have adopted Grizzle and given him his furever home!  He is a blessing and brings us great joy! Thank you Second Chance!!

Debbie Diemer-Price

Three years ago today, I adopted my little angel Rosie. Thank you Second Chance for rescuing her and allowing me to adopt her, I don't know what I'd do without her!!!

Michelle Basham

Hi there! I am Mom to Bruce Wayne (previously known as Blake!). He brings so much joy to my life. I could never thank you enough for rescuing him! (Bruce is the one on the far right in the attached photo).

Kelsey Speer

Thank you for helping Major Max find his forever home with me! I am feeling beyond blessed to have him in my life! I appreciate all of the Second Chance volunteers and fosters! Thank you Lynda for walking me through the process and to Janet and Sophie for taking such good care of my little buddy!!

Sarah Hartman

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that "Daisy", whom I adopted from you almost 5 years ago, just celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday. She's an angel; I never imagined a dog could be so sweet and good. I love her so much and am grateful for every day with her. This photo is her waiting as patiently as she can for me to give her her supper.

Alana Willroth

One year ago today we adopted "The famous Scarlet". She has come out of her shell and definitely has a personality all her own. We are so lucky to have her as a member of our family. Big shout out to Auntie Chris for doing such a wonderful foster job! (Scarlet is on the left and Frau is on the right).

Mortimer Snerd

Anna and Elsa's first Christmas - adopted 11/1/14.
Kelly Gould

Eight years ago we adopted Lucky, and today he is celebrating his 15th birthday! Thank you Second Chance for bringing him into our Iives!

Tam Nguyen
September of 2007 I fell in love with a tiny black 4 month old poodle on Petfinder only to find out she was at your rescue in MN and I was from WI. The rescue made an exception and allowed me to adopt her. Her name was Sadie. I haven't kept in touch but wanted to send this now to let you know she is now 7 and still the perfect baby for our family. We named her Mini. We all love her so much and will forever. She now has a teacup pig friend and 2 guinea pig friends as well.

Steffanie Kinderman
Happy holidays from Tony, Jessica and "Kirby" Chavez

Mary Sandok's 2014 holiday card.

"Penny" and Kathy Ware

"Remi" and the Polk family

Karen, Dang & "Saffron"

We've had the boys for almost two months now and they are happy, healthy, and loving members of our family So glad we found these two through your organization!

Audrie Rehard

Julius LOVES to get into small spaces, especially ones that are higher up! He has become part of our family. Thanks Second Chance!


Caleb Zilmer

I wanted to give you an update. I adopted Lily (formally Monique) from your rescue in August 2014. I just wanted to let you she has been the best dog anyone could ask for. You found her as a stray; I am so sad she had to go through that in her life but I am so glad I found her. She has become a great addition to my life and I love her so much. Thank you for letting me be her mom.

Cindy Slater

"My Emma, rescued by Second Chance, can be such a silly kitty. She is so sweet and fun to hang around with."

Bev Anderson

Here's my beautiful Lexi who we adopted in October. She is an amazing dog and we are so happy to have found her.

Kristy Westrup

I adopted Diesel from Second Chance Animal Rescue 3 years ago. He is my big lazy lab. He doesn't like to get wet so he doesn't swim, he doesn't play fetch, and has to almost be carried home after going for a short walk. He is one of the best things that has ever come into my life. He now is a therapy dog for people with memory loss and loves coming to the office everyday with his "brother" Twister. Just wanted to share his update.

Andrea Donovan

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