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Our two year old standard poodle, Zuri, has always seemed like quite enough dog - and then some - for our family. No thoughts of getting a second. Fate intervened, of course. I was at our vet two months ago, getting our cat her annual checkup. One of the vet techs asked if we had ever thought about getting another dog, because one of the other staff was fostering a very sweet toy poodle. He'd been found in the middle of last winter, starving and emaciated, filthy, no collar or microchip - he'd obviously been on the streets for awhile; given the subzero temperatures for much of last winter, it's incredible he survived. No-one claimed him after he was picked up by animal control, so Second Chance Animal Rescue took him in and fostered him.

Bob did not think the idea of a second dog was a good one - "Absolutely NO!" was his actual initial response to my query. We talked back and forth for a few days, as couples do, and then I did a sort of sneaky thing: I had the foster Mom bring the dog (then named “Jeff”) over to visit for an hour. He and Zuri fell in love at first sight, and began playing wildly with each other. We took the two dogs for a walk, and they walked side by side as if they'd done so for years. Jeff went back to the foster home. We talked for a few more days. Bob finally agreed we could adopt him, on the condition I agree not to get a second cat which I was planning on; I agreed (though I did hedge my bets with 'not for the foreseeable future').

Anyway, that's how we got a second dog. He is probably the most affectionate dog, and one of the best tempered, I've ever seen. Not the least bit yippy, either. He follows me around like a shadow when not playing rough and tumble with Zuri. Now re-named Zev (Hebrew for wolf), he has settled in and it feels like he's always lived here. It's hysterical to watch an 8 pound dog and a 54 pound dog play together. My favorite comment came from a neighbor who brought a couple of her young children over to see Zev - both dogs love kids - and when I said he was unplanned, she said, "Believe me, with four children under six, you don't have to tell me about unplanned!" Seeing the dogs so happy together, and knowing we provided a good home to a dog that needed one so badly, fills me with joy.


“I thought I'd pass along a picture of Tikki and Tavi. They're doing really well! I'm so in love with them!!”

Birgit Mayr

"Chelsea loves her forever home!!!"

The Storkamps

"Here are Murray (adopted Oct 2012) and Lily (adopted May of 2007) sharing a cozy bed while we house sat at their grandparents. We are so thankful for Second Chance!"

Sarah Maske Gauron

"I wanted to give an update on my best buddy Darwin (formerly Denny)! We adopted him in August 2011 and he has been a wonderful addition to our family (below graduating from obedience training)."

Cassie Finkbeiner

“Thought you would enjoy this picture of Zoey who I adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue in November of 2002. She's a wonderful buddy and as you can see, she really enjoys lounging in the sun. Thank you for the great work that you do.”

Rachel Ewell

“I want to thank you for my best friend. I adopted Miss Kitty from Second Chance in 2001! I believe her original name was Catherine. She is the light of my life. We've had many adventures together. I'm so grateful to have her with me still, after all these years.”

Karen Lyn

We would like everyone to know that we are IN LOVE with our dear little Chauncy, adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue in November 2013. He is adorable (and he knows it!), charming to all the residents in our retirement building, the best snuggler ever, and is a mental health therapy dog to my sweet husband who is in constant pain. Thank you, Second Chance Animal Rescue, for rescuing Chauncy from the dog pound and foster Dad Denny -- you rescued the kindest soul we've ever met, packaged in a fluffy package called Chauncy.

Janiene Barnett Schultz

We adopted Lucy as a puppy from Second Chance Animal Rescue 8 years ago this month. She is such a loving dog who loves to swim and play ball! Second Chance took in Lucy's mom and all of her puppies. We are so grateful for that and for the opportunity to have this silly, sweet girl as part of our family.

Adria Barnett

"Here is a picture of the 3rd anniversary of Inca's adoption. He is doing great. He still is very playful and energetic but at the same time he loves to be held. He will cuddle for an hour before he wiggles free to sleep in his bed. It is so cute! Thank you to his fosters, Suzie and Mariana, for raising him to be so sweet."

Warmest regards, Jean and Joan

"We adopted Maggie, a Standard Poodle, from Second Chance almost three years ago. For over a year Maggie and I have been volunteering at Lakeview Hospital and Croixdale Assisted Living as a therapy dog team, certified through Therapy Dogs International - TDI®. Maggie is at the center of our lives, as are also our four rescue cats that we have adopted. Thank you Second Chance and Rita, Maggie's foster mom, for the great job you do every day saving, taking care of and adopting out such wonderful pets!"

Jim and Gigi Voegeli

"Scarlet is the sweetest little dog, we just love her. Einstein loves his new girlfriend!"

Bob and Griseldis Bullock

“We adopted our sweet dog Shelby from Second Chance Animal Rescue 1 year ago today! She has been a great addition to our family! She brings so much love, happiness, and entertainment to our home. Some of her favorite activities include, running with me, fishing with Nathan, cuddling, and going to the dog park! We would like to thank Second Chance for rescuing her and her Foster mom, Kitty, for taking such good care of her until we adopted her. We are very thankful every day that she is in our lives!”
Brianne Hartung-Maier

Merry Christmas from Buck & his family. Buck says Thank you for saving me.

Debby Snavely Flasch


Happy Howl-A-Days from Mary Sandok and the "boys"


Happy Holidays from Terry, Erin and "Sunny" Carter


One year ago today we picked up Robbie from Second Chance Animal Rescue. He's such an amazing dog. We are so lucky to have him. He's so smart. He loves walks, snuggles, and long naps outside in the sun. He's sweet and kind to every person and dog he meets. He's been the most perfect addition to our family. Thank you, Second Chance, for all the wonderful things you do for animals and for bringing Robbie into our lives. We're off to celebrate his anniversary with a long walk in the park!

Niki Becker

Thank you so much for rescuing our Am Staff mix - "Lady Bird" - who we now call Gerdie! She is the sweetest, smartest dog. Here she is enjoying a car ride with me this week. Am Staff's have such an awesome personality!

Heather Rosenwald

I just want to thank you for the wonderful work you do. Close to 15 year ago I adopted my wonder cat Minnie from you after you rescued her and removed her eye after it was punctured during abuse she suffered. She has been the most affectionate cat and I'm so glad I adopted her from you.
Julie Baker

Eight years ago we adopted this cute little thing from Second Chance and named her Jessi. She has become our little cuddler and protector, and the sweetest dog I've ever owned. We only had her a couple weeks when she alerted us that her dog big sister was in trouble and in danger of being strangled by the tie-out. So intuitive for a puppy and we're so thankful for her instincts.

Cheryl Arcand

I adopted Gem last August and I absolutely love her; she is SO Sweet! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures. One is of Gem and Mika, a cat I rescued before adopting Gem. They enjoy hanging out and playing together. Gem loves zipping through a play tunnel. Thanks so much.

Kristine Hackett

Bobke (the orange one) is a domestic shorthair adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue. He likes to eat and hang out with his buddy Ned (the gray cat). He was named after Bob Roll because we adopted him during the Tour de France.

Julie Granlund

This is Alfie - he rescued me five and a half years ago and came from Second Chance. Thank you!
Tracy Logelin

I thought I would share a picture of this little guy (Jasper) adopted from Second Chance. I saw you had a picture of him on your facebook page from Nov. 2012. He is AWESOME and we love having him! Thanks.

Tiffany Peterson

Cleo is still puppyish but is such a good girl. About a month ago she started wagging her tail. Now she wags it all the time! I don't know if you remember but she didn't wag her tail at all for almost 6 months. I can't believe I've had her that long already! She's changed in so many ways. She's always been good about playing with other dogs but is starting to learn to trust & play with people. My kids have really noticed how much she's changed too. When they came over in the beginning she wouldn't go near them and now they can't get her off of them. She's a happy baby. Rita (Cleo’s foster), Cleo still loves you & thanks you for rescuing her! Her life would not be the same without your help.
(Pictured are Cleo and Harvey – Cleo is the tan/white dog with the blue eyes.)

Kay Roshon

On the left is Zoey who we drove 300 miles from WI to adopt; she's a great dog for our family. And, on the right, is Abby who we adopted from you a year ago; she is a very sweet little dog.

Allan Lehne and Family

Thank you so much for bringing my little dog Boo into my life. He has brought so much joy into my life. He came to heal my broken heart after my beloved cat Oscar passed away. While I still miss my kitty I could not imagine my life without Boo in it anymore. Thank you Second Chance for rescuing my Boo and taking such good care of him. He is such a little bundle of happiness. Even thou I have only had him a short time I dearly love my little Boo.

Debbie Guthmiller Bennett

A Valentine's Day wish from "Jack" Gregor to his foster mom, Jeanne.

I adopted Lucky from Second Chance in 2003 and, as you can see, we STILL love each other very much:) Thank you for such a good dog!

Rachel Davis

We adopted Abracadabra (f/k/a Sparkle) 3 years ago and there hasn't been a dull moment since! She's the funniest cat we've ever had.

Lisa Theis Walmar

Merry Christmas from me, my two horses (Dude and Jerry) and my three Second Chance puppies who I adopted about 8 and 10 years ago (Jackie, Maya and Pooh Bear), and they're all doing great!

Peg Heilman

Here are Emma and Sidney who were adopted by Bev. It appears that whenever Sidney gets the tree decorated, Emma ruins his efforts. A cat's tree trimming work is never done.

Here is Zoey who we adopted over 8 years ago from Second Chance. She’s one tough cookie. We sure love Zoey.

Marilyn Pendergrass

Willie came from Second Chance Animal Rescue 7 years ago... we love him!

Tenne Linden

We are so happy Robbie came to live with us a few weeks ago. We love him so much. He's just ridiculously sweet and the best little cuddler. He loves to go for long walks - that is when you can wake him up from a nap on the bed! - and he's so good with everyone he meets - dogs and people. Thanks, Second Chance Animal Rescue, for bringing Robbie into our lives.

Niki Becker

Here is Ada (f/k/a/ Fawn). I've been going on and on and ON about how awesome she is to anyone who has the misfortune to bring up the subject. She is loyal, protective, goofy, sweet, and incredibly smart with personality to spare. She loves her big rope ball, discs, obedience class, and belly rubs. She also considers it her job to keep tabs on anyone and everyone around the house or Eric's cubicle (he takes her to work most days). She is one of the most incredible dogs I've ever met. We're lucky to have her.

Whitney Holiday

Percy (f/k/a Riley) became a part of our family immediately! The kids love helping him find his food and toys. Percy loves to run around the house, go on walks, and have all the snuggles he can get away with. He also loves time with his cousin dog, Cooper!

The Mattsons

Kiko is my mama's boy, we love him dearly! No lack of energy, and we are so thankful for him every day.

Suzy Sorensen

I adopted Zilla (f/k/a Minnie) 16 years ago and Buddy 15 years ago when I volunteered for Second Chance. Zilla and Buddy are my babies!

Jordana Allard

“Charlie” (f/k/a Speck) found a wonderful forever home with Sarah (pictured) and Shelley who absolutely love him.

I adopted Geronimo through Second Chance in October 2012, and he is such a wonderful cat. I love him to death already! Thanks so much!!

Pie Paulson

Thank You for helping me find my forever home!!! Celebrating 1 year with the Kreuger's.

“Montee” (f/k/a Brodee)

Here are my three spoiled and very loved puppies, all of whom I adopted from Second Chance when they were between 1 and 1-1/2 years old. From the left, Jackie (who is 12 years old), Maya (11-1/2 years old) and Pooh Bear (around 8 years old).

Peg Heilman

We adopted a poodle last December and her name was Rainbow, her new name is Lucy Lu. She has been the most wonderful dog and wonderful thing to have come into our home! We just love her and she really loves us! She is so smart. Thank you for all you do.

Roxie Griefenhagen

Thanks to Gracie for collecting donations for Second Chance for her birthday party! "Dexter" is a lucky boy to have been adopted by Rebecca, Jeff and Gracie McClure.

Our Beautiful Corndog (formerly Utah) adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue April 2, 2008.  Thank YOU for my boy! We absolutely adore him and spoil him rotten. We even got a king-sized bed so he and his brother could both sleep with us. He is such a great guy!!!

Shonda Grimes

This is Diesel (formerly Sage). We adopted him 1 1/2 years ago from Second Chance. He's doing so well. He loves his new life!!! He comes to work every day and sleeps under my desk; he spends his weekends swimming at the cabin or attending Dock Dog events, or taking up the "good spot" on the couch. He's a happy boy!

Andrea McClintock

Thank you Second Chance Animal Rescue for introducing me to Cody. We love love love him! He fits right in with our little family (of critters). As you can see, our cats even like him...and they don't like dogs. We thought it was a little chilly by the window last night, so we covered him up...with a cuddly cat. 

Donna Hofland

Hello, my name is Tryg and I am a Second Chance dog.  I don’t really remember my First Chance very well, but I’m doing great now!  Two squares a day, three big cushions for lounging, interesting travel, regular exercise, some great friends and, even better, a family to call my own.  I know that they love me a lot and I sure love them.  They say that I am one of the best dogs they have ever had: gentle, obedient, loving and a lot of fun.  I have to thank Second Chance over and over again for giving me the opportunity for a new life.

(adopters Mary and Carl Schroeder)

This is my Maxx - he was adopted from your rescue on January 11, 2002. He will be 12 years old on April 1, and he is the alpha (after me) of my pack, and he is everyone's favorite dog. He is a wonderful boy. And as you can see in the picture, he loves the snow. Thank you.

Melissa Rose

I adopted Curly a year ago and he is the sweetest and most playful cat in the world! Thank you Second Chance!

Debra Abrams

Toby and Frankie are both Second Chance Alum's who grace our home. They joined us at different times but they are forged as brothers and share unlimited and unconditional love with us. Nothing is better than a cat in your lap, sharing the fireplace with a warm friend, or being met at the door with a welcoming meow! Thank you Second Chance for these incredible members of our family. Thanks also to Nancy and the Foster Volunteers without whose efforts none of this could happen. The Kofuji Family

We adopted Lucy in 2000 at 6 months old when she was a clever puppy full of mischief and energy. Over the past 12 years, she gained a dog "brother" and a people "sister" and is the sweetest and gentlest dog on earth. She will turn 13 this year and is a happy, healthy girl who still gets the puppy gleam in her eye when it's time to play. Thank you Second Chance for uniting us with Lucy.

Sue, John and Charlotte (and Bodger too!) Gustad

WE LOVE RILEY! He is our spoiled little baby!
Merry Christmas, Second Chance!

Nick, Stephanie and "Riley" Swedberg

“Audrey” left and “Zsa Zsa” right. “Princess Eva” (middle) is finally a mother. Thank you Second Chance. :)
Cory and Mark

We adopted Rusty (the butterscotch colored dog) from you last November and he is the sweetest dog ever!! He has made a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!!

Glenda Greenwaldt

Thank you once again for my best friend. Two years ago, I adopted Chopper (black and white one) from you. He has filled my life with so much joy. Keep up the good fight; so many depend on you.

Gus Menth

The house was a bit too quiet, and my little beagle was feeling the loss of our 15-year-old tabby. I started a search with one goal in mind - to find a dog-friendly cat to be a companion to my cat-friendly dog. Who knew that the perfect match would come in the form of twins! Through Second Chance Animal Rescue, with their detailed descriptions (they do a fantastic job with the bios), I found two sweet 1-year-olds that seemed just right. And at the foster visit, it only took about 2 minutes (1 for each) for me to fall in love. Toby and his new siblings, Sidney (black) and Emma have bonded very quickly. They love to romp, chase and just hang out together. My house is no longer quiet but, instead, filled with craziness and joy! I am simply delighted with my happy little family. Thank you Second Chance for bringing us all together.

Bev Anderson

This is our dog Taylor. We adopted him from Second Chance Animal Rescue in 2000. He was three years old at the time. He was a very frightened and abused dog, with scars from past abuse, both physically and mentally. Most rescues would have just euthanized him after all he had already been in about 7 foster homes, but we adopted him. Once he got over his issues, he became the best dog. He is turning 14 this November and, although he does have health problems, he still loves to go for walks, get treats and be brushed. Taylor was there for me when my parents got a divorce, when my grandma died, and when our other Second Chance dog Bart died earlier this year. He has helped me so much and I am forever grateful to him and Second Chance; after all, if they hadn't given him a "second chance", I might not be the person I am today.

Holly Page

We adopted Bobke (the orange cat, formerly known as Colin) 3 years ago from Second Chance. He is about 4 years old now. As you can see he gets along great with our other cat Ned and he likes our other two cats too. He's never bothered by the dogs no matter what they do. He's the perfect fit for our home. Thanks for taking care of him until he found his place with us!

Julie Granlund Meehan

We adopted Bogart from you in March. This is a painting of him by our daughter from her class this fall. He is Special! Thank you.

Martha Reineke

Thanks for all your work bringing us Sunny who continues to be a constant source of joy.

Erin and Terry Carter

Hello, I adopted Bob, a black and white cat, a couple years ago. I am extremely happy with him and I am pretty sure he is happy here with me. Please accept this contribution to such a wonderful cause. Thank you.

Joyce Harvey
P.S. Bob says “Hi” and “Thank you for rescuing me.”

Greetings from Stella – who I now call Stellar! We love Stellar. We are still working on her “separation anxiety”. I think she is starting to get it . . . that we will come back and to trust us. I think the walks/jogs with Cammie help her a lot and try to do this almost every morning. Thank you for Stellar!

Margie and Dick Miller

Dear Second Chance: My daughter, Adia, collected this money instead of having people give her Birthday presents (to help feed and care for the animals). We adopted Travis from you a few years ago and love him dearly.

Best wishes,
Bridget Froehle, Adia Froehle-Baker and Travis

I just want to say thank you to Second Chance for helping us find the perfect second cat! We adopted "Blake" (on the right) in the spring. We renamed him Bruce Wayne (which may have been prophetic, as he loves to climb onto the top of the kitchen cabinets and sneakily watch you). We adore him so much, and our cat Stuart (on the left) does too! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Kelsey Speer

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